The Drama Continues (Part 15)

My heart stopped beating.

“Uh th-that’s not such a good idea, Phoenexia,” I stammered, hurriedly trying to shut the door again. But Phoenexia had placed her boot between the door and the frame and I knew that it was too late to do anything. She pushed me aside and casually walked into my home like she owned it.

“Where’s Iola?” she asked, sending me an icy stare. I looked around uneasily.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, idiot. WHERE. IS. IOLA?” she asked, her eyes were fixated on mine and I could feel my palms getting sweaty. She slowly drew an object from her black leather jacket and I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw what it was.


“Uh, I-I uh I really don’t think that’s necessary, why don’t y-you have some nice coffee w-with us and uh w-we-well we can talk about this nicely you know like human beings you know why don’t we put those d-dangerous objects like the one you’re holding s-somewhere far away like a lake or something or m-maybe bury it-” my nervous babbling was abruptly cut off by Phoenexia’s nose in my face. She had me pressed up against the wall with her gun pointed to my chest.

“Do you want to live, Schitin?” she asked. I gulped. It was at that unfortunate moment that Iola chose to laugh extremely loudly. I groaned. Phoenexia smiled and let me go, then walked over to the kitchen area, grabbed Iola by her hair and dragged her out through the front door, but not before she turned to give me a deathly stare once more.

“Call the cops, Sky. I dare you.” she muttered. She shoved Iola into a car that looked eerily familiar and then sped off down the road at lightning speed. I heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching and saw Xycobra coming down the road towards me.

“You okay, Sky?” he asked, his eyes full of concern.

“Iola, Phoenexia, gun, they’re gone,” I managed to blurt out. Tears were pouring out of my eyes and my body was trembling severely.

“I know. You better get inside again and lock up. I’ll go get Iola. Go on,” he said. But I didn’t move. I couldn’t.

“I’m coming with you,” I said suddenly.

“What?! NO, NO YOU’RE NOT. INSIDE, NOW!” he ordered, but I stood there staring at him stubbornly. (I wanted to stomp my feet too but I didn’t think it was the right time)

“It’s dangerous! No way Sky, go inside! Hey! Wh-what are you doing? Why are you climbing on my bike-NO! Geroff! SKY!”

“Move already, will you?” I said after I had climbed onto the bike. He sighed and shook his head, then reluctantly shoved his helmet on my head.

“Ow.” I mumbled.

I’m afraid of bikes. I don’t know why I did that. I feel extremely stupid. Darn.

We trailed the car that Phoenexia had taken off in for about ten minutes when I suddenly had a flashback and I realised why her car had seemed so familiar.

It was the same black BMW with tinted windows that I had seen speeding off the day Xycobra had gotten shot.

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A strange night (Part 14)

I could not believe what had happened that day. Not only did I realise that Iola had actually been a victim all along, but I also realised that Phoenexia was not as innocent as I had thought. I could also not believe that I had invited Iola over to my house for a sleepover to help her feel a little safe. Yes. I did that. DON’T JUDGE ME.

“Hello Sky!” I opened my front door to an extremely bubbly Iola. She had the largest smile plastered across her face and was clutching a fluffy white pillow in her hand.

“Uh, hi there. Come on in,” I said awkwardly. EXTREMELY awkwardly. I was cringing on the inside so much I could literally feel my stomach flattening against my spine. This is all Xycobra’s fault…as usual. He forced me to invite Iola over because he thought that Phoenexia might plan another attack and-

“Eeeeeep you have a cat ermagersh ermagersh ermagersh eeeeep take it awayyyyy it’s ahhhhh!” my thoughts were interrupted by a screeching Iola as she hopped around my lounge from foot to foot flailing her hands violently. She jumped onto the couch…then fell off…then jumped back on, all the while staring wildly at my cat, Ginger, who merely sat on the opposite couch staring at her blankly. I stifled a giggle and resisted the urge to video her.

“Calm down, she doesn’t scratch or bite and doesn’t come near strangers,” I said, which made her relax a little. “So…what’s the deal with Phoenexia?” I asked after a little while, sipping on a juice box. (Don’t laugh. Those aren’t only for kids…are they?!)

“Phoenexia?” she asked, looking slightly uneasy. “You want to talk about that, huh?” she looked down, trying to hide the tears that were slowly welling in her eyes. “I don’t have a home, Sky. Or parents. Or anything, really. Phoenexia…I met her a few years back. She promised to give me everything I needed in return for…a few…uh, favours.” she finished, looking away in sadness. “She sort of let me live in this amazing house, with everything….I literally had everything. I pretended they belonged to my parents but…I don’t have any so. I guess I’ve been a fake all along, haven’t I?” she asked, looking at me expectantly. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I can’t hug her! I don’t know what to do! I’m awkward!

….Send help!

“Uhhhh noooo!” I giggled awkwardly. Don’t ask me why I was giggling. I don’t know myself. Nevertheless she smiled.

“You’re quite weird, aren’t you?” she laughed. I blushed awkwardly. “Xycobra is a sweetie, isn’t he? He told you to invite me over so I’d be safe, right?” she gushed. I felt my cheeks turning red hot and my blood beginning to boil. WHO WAS SHE CALLING SWEETIE!

She giggled suddenly. “Relax, Sky. I didn’t mean it like that,” she said teasingly, making me blush again. “So…pillow fight?” she asked, grinning mischievously.

Wait, what?!


Pillow in my face. Feathers in my mouth. Feathers in my nostrils. Feathers in places where feathers should never be…FEATHERS EVERYWHERE. I am a human feather duster.

The next day

I awoke to the sound of loud giggling and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I walked into the kitchen only to find my mum and Iola giggling over breakfast. That uh….was an interesting sight.

“Your friend here is so sweet, what a lovely girl!” my mum gushed. Yeah, my ‘friend’…

I was about to grab a cup for myself (breakfast had very rudely only been prepared for two) when I heard a sudden bang at the front door. I hurriedly opened it, only to immediately regret doing so. Phoenexia was staring at me with a deathly glare.

“Hello there, Sky. Might if I join you for breakfast?”

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The Drama Begins (Part 13)

I ran down the hall at lightning speed. What the heck was her problem? HE hugged me! I pushed him away! That totally was not my fault…right?

I sat down in class that day completely isolated, ignoring Pamper and Lectra who continuously asked me if anything was wrong. The fear running through me was unreal, it felt as if my body was absorbing shockwaves every 0.1 seconds. No, I’m not exaggerating. The entire school had heard about what happened, and that Iola was being interrogated by a police officer. Everyone also knew that I had played some part in all this, because they’d seen me come out of the principal’s office. Dang it!

A few hours later

The day literally dragged. Seriously. No seriously. It dragged! I stared at our classroom clock until my eyes started to burn, prompting my teacher to ask me if I needed to see the nurse.

Uh, what nurse? We don’t have a freaking nurse! Our school is too poor to afford a freaking nurse!

I ran for my life after school, bursting through the school gates and almost falling over myself. Right into Xycobra’s arms. Again. AGAIN! He’s seriously everywhere. Only this time he wasn’t smiling, and before I knew it he had me pushed up against the wall in a corner, out of sight from the school parking lot, his hand over my mouth. He wore the most serious expression I’d ever seen him with and so I knew something was up. He was staring intensely at two figures in the distance, having a heated conversation. The figures advanced towards our direction, until they were suddenly right behind the wall where we were hiding. Xycobra tightened his grip around my mouth. How the heck did he expect me to breathe?!

“What the hell is wrong with you? Do you seriously not know how to keep your damn mouth shut?” I heard one voice screech. It was a girl’s. Then I heard a loud slap. Ouch.

“She found out by accident! It wasn’t my fault!” I heard a second voice wail. Yet another girl. Yet another slap. OUCH.

“BY ACCIDENT! WHAT ACCIDENT!” the first voice yelled, her voice dripping with extreme rage. “I had to come all the way to this stupid school just to fix your mess, and now you’ve gone and blurted everything to the cops?!”…..and yet another slap. The second girl began crying.

“I-I didn’t s-say anything, I s-swear!” The second girl pleaded. I heard the sound of a struggle, a body being flung hard into a wall, and then footsteps walking away. Xycobra checked to see if the coast was clear and then he let me go. My mouth was completely numb.

“Bot the bell? You just made by bouth completely numb!” I mumbled, trying to get blood flowing to my mouth again. We walked around the wall only to find a girl crouching down against the wall, sobbing profusely. My eyes widened in horror as I suddenly recognised the girl. It was Iola. I noticed a thin streak of blood dripping from her forehead as she looked up at us, her eyes filled with fear. I sat down next to her, wiping the blood away for her with a soft tissue. I have no idea why I was feeling sorry for her, but I couldn’t just leave her there. She carried on sobbing and I put my arm around her, trying my best to comfort her. Yes. It was totally awkward. Don’t judge me.

“Who uh, who did this to you?” I asked after a while, trying to get rid of the awkward silence. But what she said terrified me. And what terrified me even more was that Xycobra didn’t even seem taken aback by the news. He just sat there, with a knowing gaze, while I was petrified, and tears were suddenly pouring out of my eyes in absolute fear.

“I’m sure you were standing nearby to have come this quick to me, so, didn’t you recognise her voice?” she sobbed out. “It was Phoenexia, Sky. It was Phoenexia!”

It was Phoenexia.

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The wild side of life (Part 12)

I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I decided to make a run for it but before I knew it the police officer had grabbed on to my shoulders. “Not so fast, Miss Malang. You and I need to have a little chit chat, don’t we?” he asked, narrowing his eyes and forming a freaky jester-like smile across his lips. I sighed.

A few minutes later

“My name is Officer Loy. If I understand correctly, you were at the scene when Krayden had his episode, right?” he asked, pen and notepad at the ready. We were seated in the principal’s office, directly across Mr. Phoby, our principal. Whoa, talk about pin-drop silence. Never mind that, I could hear my stomach churning.

“Yes,” I gulped.

“From my understanding, you took the drink away from Krayden because you suspected it was a bit off, correct? Why so?” he asked, attempting a kind smile. He failed drastically. “Well, his behaviour was a bit off, so…He was all over the place. Acting strange,” I said.

“The lab tests revealed that Krayden’s drink was laced with Cocaine. This is a very serious matter, Miss Malang. Did you have anything to do with it?” his expression was grim.


“No, no! Of course not! I checked out his coke and it smelled of alcohol so I thought that that was the reason he was acting weird but Krayden said that usually didn’t happen. I assumed he was already high and decided to drink too? I dunno, I really couldn’t tell. It was Krayden who said it might’ve been laced…” I finished, feeling my throat tighten.

“Miss Malang, do you know of anyone who could have been responsible for this? Anyone holding a grudge against Krayden?” he asked, his face serious once again.

‘YES!’ my mind was yelling. ‘Yes I do! It’s Iola!’

“No,” I answered, shifting my gaze to the floor. A moment of silence.

“Schitin, you do realise that if you’re not telling the truth you could be in a whole lot of trouble, right?” he asked, his eyes full of concern. Mr Phoby nodded in agreement. “Go ahead Sky, don’t be scared,” he encouraged me. My eyes began filling with tears. “I don’t know who did it I really don’t!” I burst out, tears falling from my eyes. “I don’t know!” I cried out again. Fear was running through every one of my veins.

“Calm down, Schitin. There’s no need to be afraid. No one will be able to harm you, I promise. If you do know something, you could help prevent further incidents and I promise I will protect you. You can tell me what you know,” the officer said in a soothing tone. “You can trust me,” he finished.

Well, it sure feels like we’re filming CSI right now. Director, you can call cut now. Anytime now…anytime…still waiting…

I sighed.

“Well, Iola…Iola Janber mentioned something about it the other day. I-I don’t know if she did it but I think she might be able to help,” I said hesitantly, looking down. My heart was thumping against my chest, nagging at me to let it out. Iola would find out it was me, of course, who else knew? And then what? Beat me to a pulp? I need to learn karate! As soon as I get home I am going to stalk the internet for videos.

Watch History: How to avoid a flying stiletto heel, How to not get beaten to a pulp, How to flee from a chasing sports car, how to fight a conceited diva…

“Thank you, Miss Malang. I will speak to her now,” the officer smiled.

I ran out of the office with tears pouring down my face, right into Xycobra. OF COURSE! HE’S EVERYWHERE! PERFECT TIMING!

“Whoa whoa whoa there, Sky, slow down. Hey, are you crying?! What’s wrong, you hurt?” he asked, eyes full of concern as he scanned my broken arm, searching for further injury.  His hands reached for my face and he slowly wiped away my tears.


I smiled a little. A LITTLE. Hey, let’s not jump to conclusions okay. I came to my senses and moved his hands away. “Is that a smile I see? Is it? Ooooooh I made weetle Sky smile like a weetle happy baabbbyyyy!” Xycobra squeaked in a mocking tone. He reached out to tickle my belly but I slapped his wrist away.

“Freak! Get off!” I shouted but this only amused him further. “Want to play Peekaboo? Peekaboo!” he said, hiding his face behind his hands and then moving them away. I rolled my eyes. (I apologise. I was supposed to quit that.) Then he pulled me into a deep hug. “I’m glad you’re okay,” he said into my ear. I pushed him away for about the fifth time. “I gotta go!” I said, running off into the opposite direction. I ran past the stairs but not fast enough to miss Phoenexia glaring at me from the top. I smiled sheepishly, embarrassed about what had just happened. She returned it with a wicked, evil and contemptuous smile. She glided down the stairs and walked right past me without meeting my eyes. She took Xycobra by his arm, kissed him on his cheek and then walked off, but not before she turned around to shoot a wicked grin at me, eyes glistening.

Uh oh…

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It’s a little bit funny…(Part 11)

I awoke to the sound of a repetitive beeping noise echoing in my ear and it slowly dawned on me that I was in a hospital ward. I sighed heavily and immediately regretted doing so because I felt a sudden pain spreading through my chest. I sat up slowly, trying to assess the damage. Sore chest, broken arm and a few bruises. Hey, it could have been a lot worse. Phoenexia could have – Oh no! What did happen to Phoenexia?

I pressed the button on the little remote-thingy next to my bed to call a nurse. A few seconds later, a chubby and cheerful lady buzzed into the room, floating on air.

“Well hello there Miss Schitin. How are we doing right now?” she asked, a bright smile plastered across her face. I giggled. What? She was cute okay.

“I’m, uh, fine, I think,” I said. She responded with a cute giggle. “Where’s Phoenexia?” I asked, fear running through my veins.

“Oh, she’ll be fine honey don’t you worry. She’s in the ICU for now, but I can assure you she’ll be fine by tomorrow” she smiled. The fact that she was in the ICU did not sound good at all but somehow this bubbly nurse made everything seem okay.

Two days in the hospital passed rather quickly, visitors coming in and out, my parents, Lectra, Volta, Pamper, a few of my teachers, and oh my word even Atria and Gravity (The world must be ending). Everyone except the one person I wanted to see the most; Xycobra.

I was back to school two days after I was discharged (No I’m not a super nerd. Okay I am. Hey who are you to judge?!) and as usual the school was buzzing about me. Nothing unusual of course. I am a highly fascinating topic if you didn’t already know.

I walked into school to a rupture of cheers. Phoenexia was back, too. Luckily, her injuries weren’t too bad; she fractured her leg and was of course in crutches. Volta was instantly at my side to help me with my bag (My, oh my, I could get used to this!) and all attention was on us. Oh yeah, I’m a superstar. I just need dark sunglasses and a strong wind to blow my hair back in slow mo.

But of course instead of wind I got a storm…The day I decided to not wear my school jacket. And then something strange happened, Volta wrapped his jacket around me break time in the courtyard. What, did he think this was this like an Indian romance movie or something? If so, there’s no trees and buildings to hide behind so he is way off. And then it got awkward and I realised people were starting to stare so I ran off into my classroom.

And found Xycobra sitting alone. With a guitar. Seriously, was someone filming this? Am I being punked? Why does he have a guitar? I’m pretty sure that this isn’t allowed in school…Hello?!!!!!! Anyone notice anything abnormal today!

“Hey Sky,” he mumbled softly, a tear dripping down his cheek. Ohhhh nooooo whyyyy I am not good in these situations. Seriously can I just walk out right now?

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyy” I said extremely awkwardly. This made him laugh. “What’s up?” I asked, trying to sound less awkward. So, was I supposed to put my arm around his shoulder or something? Is that what people do? I usually avoid these type of movies. “You wanna hear me play something?” he asked, his face brightening. I burst out laughing. “What, is this High School Musical or something?” I chuckled. He smirked. “Well, I’d make a hot Troy, don’t you think?” he winked at me. Ah, this is the Xycobra I know.

“I was thinking more along the lines of Gabriella, but Troy should be okay,” I said sarcastically. He shook his head and laughed and then began strumming a soft tune on his guitar.

“It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside, I’m not one of those who can, easily hide…” he began singing. Do you know what it’s like to get a heart attack? Neither do I. But I’m pretty sure my heart is being attacked. Singing like an angel is just another thing to add to the list of things Xycobra can do.

“Aw baby that’s so beautiful!” I heard Phoenexia’s voice behind me. I turned to see her face fresh with tears. Really? Just when I thought life couldn’t get more awkward? She hopped across the classroom to Xycobra and he got up to help her. “Hey hey heyyy you know you supposed to be resting, crazy monkey!” he said, and I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from guffawing. That was the cutest weirdest thing ever.

“I heard about your mom, Xy I’m sooo sorry. I can’t believe she’s had cancer for over a month and you didn’t tell me?!” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

My heart lurched. I suddenly understood what Xycobra meant when he said that behind every perfection, is a flaw. I left the class silently and made my way to the principal’s office. Talk about bad timing.

The police officer that had promised to be back about Krayden’s drink was waiting for me. I had completely forgotten about that. What now?

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the…entire school? (Part 10)

Wow, the nicknames just keep coming. I am now known as “punch girl” and everyone in my class has dared me to make milkshake for them. Yes, everyone. Yes, I was liquidising strange combinations on a Sunday night. Yes, I am weird. And yes, it’s all Xycobra’s fault. He was the one who brought up the milkshake, trying to lighten the mood when I ended up looking like an idiot at his party.
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Jammin’ to the beat (Part 9)

I could not believe Iola’s nerve. I guess I should elaborate. Remember last week, when the whole commotion at school was taking place? And I thought that she was blaming the whole thing on me?

Yeah. That wasn’t the story.


The police officer that walked up to me actually asked me if it was true that Iola was with me the entire day when Krayden’s drink was laced, and that she had nothing to do with it. My palms were sweating and I couldn’t think of a word to say so I stood there stuttering for ten minutes. Okay it was more like an hour. Don’t judge me. Luckily, the commotion resumed and the officer had to take control so he promised that he would be back for more details (Yay me!) while I stood staring at Iola’s expression. It wasn’t one I was used to. It was fear.

2 Days later

I need a math tutor. I know, it’s unusual for me because I’m supposed to be a nerd but…I just need one okay. And, since my recent discovery…there was only one person I could think of.

I caught Xycobra after class the following Monday morning. He was talking to a new (gorgeous) student who had just arrived and he was obviously flirting with her. She was obviously blushing because he is…Xycobra. Then they were both obviously giggling like two idiots.

“Hey dude!” I rudely interrupted. I don’t know why. Its not like me okay, stop judging! He turned around with a broad smile. “Hey Schitin!” he said brightly. Schitin. He never calls me that! He then introduced me to the “Lovely Phoenexia” and told her that he would catch up to her later. Then he stood against the wall and stared at me. I stared back.

Ten minutes later

“I need a math tutor!” I finally blurted out. He smirked. Argh, I HATE him!

“Soooo, should I be like concerned or something?” he smiled, biting his lower lip, attempting to be attractive. It wasn’t working. It wasn’t working wonders for his sparkling eyes or his flawless skin or…

“I need you.” I said simply. This made him break into a series of “Oooooh Sky neeeeds mee” and “Ohlala, what does she need from me?” and the most annoying of all, kissy faces. I chanted the word idiot in my head over and over.

“Not like that!” I growled. He chuckled. “Sure, I’ll help you, baby. Be at my house tomorrow afternoon. Wear something pretty,” he said with a wink, then walked away. Wear something pretty? What the heck for? I wasn’t going to listen to him!

24 hours later

I arrived at Xycobra’s house in my usual All Stars and skinnies and gasped at what I saw. A pool party! REALLY?!?!?!!? GAHHHH!!!!!!

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t walk in. I stood at the gate for ten minutes until he magically appeared at the door. I gave him an annoyed look and he sighed. “Ahh, always a pleasure to see you, Sky” he smirked. I grimaced. I looked like a freaking nerd with all my textbooks in my hand. I repeat, I looked like a nerd. I repeat, I hate him.

“What about tuition, doofus?” I muttered. “We’ll make time,” he smiled. Then he literally pushed me through the door and screamed out “The hero is here!” to a chorus of cheers. Really? He was still on about that?

Then Sam Tsui’s grey area blasted on and I felt like a dog that had smelled a bone from a distance because I immediately had the sudden urge to start jiving like a wild animal. How did he know this was my favourite song? I shrieked in delight and made my way to the dance floor. Hey, plot twist, Phoenexia got there first. Double plot twist, she was challenging me to a dance-off. OH NO SHE DI’INT!

Two words, adrenaline SURGE.

She had moves, I’ll give her that. But I had better moves. Okay no I didn’t. But somehow, some magical dance gene suddenly decided to show itself and my body was moving beyond my control. I looked badass, Oh yeah! Beat that, sucker!

Last plot twist: I looked like an idiot. I was dancing like a drunk hooligan from the street.

20 minutes later

I think I won. I expected her to scream and yell about how she was way better but she just walked gracefully up to me and told me how amazing I was (Ohh she knows my weak spots!) and it annoyed me. How nice she was. I wanted to pull her hair out. Those freaking perfect locks. I wanted to pull them all out!!!!!!

Then something super strange happened. Xycobra walked up to her, put his arm around her waist and told her that it was impossible for her beauty….(Some poetry crap) and then kissed her on the cheek. My face grew white hot and he turned to me. “Isn’t she stunning, Sky?”

In my head: I attacked her with the vuvuzela that Krayden and Volta were going insane with.

Reality: I smiled. A freakish-wide-ish-weirdish-unnatural smile. She blushed and then they walked off into the sunset, but not before Atria “accidentally” “bumped into me” with a whole bowl full of punch.

My hair. My clothes.

But I didn’t attack. I didn’t pull hair. I ran for my life.

Ten minutes later.

Xycobra found me in the nearby park sobbing my eyes out. I don’t know what the heck for, I felt stupid. Then he offered me a tissue which annoyed me so I threw it in his face which made him sneeze. That was funny so I laughed. I looked mental.

“Go away,” I said. He smiled.

“You really have a perfect life, don’t you? Perfect grades, house, family…girlfriend.” I said. He knew I was talking about Phoenexa and he didn’t deny it.

He just walked off saying “Behind every perfection is a flaw,”

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South African Logic (Part 8)

It was two weeks after my encounter (Well…you could call it that. You could also call it a wrestling match but that’s a bit rash…right?) with Iola and my conscience was bothering me. I sighed and figured that it was probably about time to get an adult involved. 

I was late to school the following Monday. Nothing unusual. Uncle Sipho just decided to stop on the side of the road for about ten minutes and scream at the other drivers about how irresponsible they were for not bothering to replace their broken headlights…and taillights…and side view mirrors…and. Never mind, you get the point.

I passed Xycobra on my way to class, just in time to witness him drop his school books and a heap of papers filled the air. I giggled and rushed to help him. He smirked as soon as he saw me. Idiot.

I then caught hold of his school report and gasped. Straight A’s!!! STRAIGHT A’S! XYCOBRA! He then grabbed it from me, embarrassed, and rushed off to class.

Two hours later

Yesss finally break time. I get to sink my teeth into FOOOOOOD!!! Okay I know I sound greedy but C’mon. Who doesn’t like food?!

Iola walked past me just as I was biting into my polony sandwich. She shot me a wicked smile and said, “Well, you know the saying. You are what you eat.” and cat-walked away. Great. I’m a carbohydrate.Time to get that adult-involving plan on the move I guess. You can’t get away with everything.

I got up from my seat and was about to take another bite when about fifty stones came flying into our playground. Everyone began screaming and running into the school building. I took my sandwich with me. 

It was people from the nearby informal settlement who were protesting against not having electricity. So they burned our local power box. So…they want the electricity. They need the electricity. So they burn the source of the electricity. Brilliant!

A few months ago they protested against the train tickets being too high. So they burned the trains. Wonderful!

Yesterday, 6 cows were reported stolen. I thought someone would have seen that happening…(How do you not see someone running away with that?!)

Oh and let’s not forget. Cameras were installed to watch the nearby robot. And then the solar panels watching the robot were stolen. Now they need to install cameras to watch the camera watching the robot. Super!

I rushed into the school building just as a nearby window shattered. What good was destroying our property going to do anyway? I don’t get it.

Suddenly I felt a body fly over me to protect me just as the window above me came crashing down. It was Xycobra. My eyes grew to the size of an orange. Maybe bigger.

“You okay?” he asked, pulling a tiny shard of glass from my hair.

“Yeah, sure…” I said hesitantly, and before I could speak any further he rushed off to help the teachers. Whoa…

There was no time to think. I had to get to the principal’s office. He was in a frantic mood, running around wildly, tugging  at his hair and screaming for help. He reminded me a bit of a furious grizzly bear. Our school secretary was trying to calm him down, shoving a glass of water in his face but all he did was give her a deranged look and scream louder. I sighed. No rational conversation today then. I guess it’s time to panic…


Two hours later

Police vehicles had our school surrounded. Great, now I even have to go home late.

Iola was crying and telling a local news reporter about how devastated she was that her brand new Jimmy Choo’s were ruined. (Why does nobody stick to school rules? We have a uniform!) I was walking around trying to make people panic further. (What! Someone had to lighten the mood!) Xycobra was walking around winking and smiling at every passing girl. Volta was attempting the Moonwalk near the staircase. Very bad idea. Krayden was being chased by a policeman while making wolf sounds from a bullhorn that he had stolen from him. Atria and Gravity were pouting and taking selfies. Lectra and Pamper were mimicking them.

But on a more serious note, it was quite scary. What was even scarier was that a police officer was making his way over to Iola. I heard the faint “laced drink” “Krayden” and “Criminal charges”. And then I heard my name, too. She was blaming everything on me! The nerve! 

I felt my heart racing as the police officer made his way toward me with a stern expression on his face. Oh no…

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reminder that this story along with all its characters are fictional and are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.
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Bad report card, Bad Day (Part 7)


My dad said that I should stop being so violent in school (You know. How I keep attacking Xycobra and…people) and then maybe I would get better grades. He then said that 57% in Math was a disgrace to the family (You know how Indian people are. “You are not going to become a doctor with this type of marks!”)

And then came the lecture. Oooh and my favourite part, finding things to blame.

“It’s that phone, I’m telling you it’s that phone!” my mom was yelling above her lungs, bashing the table with her fist.

“No, it’s the TV! It’s that blasted TV!” my dad was screaming even louder, waving his hands frantically in the air, addressing some unknown spirit.


I get bad grades, it’s the TV. I’m too tired at school, it’s the TV. I can’t wake up in the morning, it’s the TV.

I’m fat, it’s obviously the TV.

I sighed. School was pretty rough the next day, looking at my exam papers and realising how well I could have done.

I walked towards Uncle Sipho’s taxi home time, and to my surprise found Xycobra sitting inside.

“What are you doing here?” I asked suspiciously, waiting for him to make one of his usual jokes. I needed cheering up.

“Why must you know everything, inquisitive, much?” he said scornfully, giving me a spiteful look.

“Whoa, someone’s in a bad mood,” I said, taking a seat right at the back at my window. My place. Just then Iola hopped on to the taxi and took a seat next to Xycobra, gushing about the new highlights she got that very day. Yes, that very day! Could you believe it? Yes, actually. I notice “fake” from ten miles away. 

What was going on!!! This was MY transport! Darn invaders!

She then walked (I don’t know if that was a walk, okay. It’s that walk that models do on the catwalk. When they’re drunk.) over to me and told me that I was sitting in her place. Gosh, the nerve.

I rolled my eyes (Don’t judge me, I had a right to do it this time!) and ignored her. Big mistake.

“You deaf, Indian B****?” she screamed, and then lifted me off my seat by my hair. My hair! OH NO SHE DI’NT!

I immediately took hold of her hair too and tugged, screaming insults in Hindi and Afrikaans at her.

“I just got highlights today! Let go!” she screamed.

“You let go!” I roared on top of my voice.



“NO SHUT THE HELL UP!” Xycobra’s voice boomed across the taxi as he made his way to us and separated us. I hung my head in shame. Violence was never the way to deal with these things, no matter how many times I’d did it before. Iola then tripped over her school bag and fell on top of me. Uncle Sipho chose that moment to become alarmed, started the taxi and accelerated so hard, my head fell out of the window.

“Aaaaaah Iola #$%!* get off me there’s other cars on the road!” I shouted, wind whipping in my face.

“I’m stuck! I’m stuck oh God I’m stuck!” she yelled, trying to free herself from me.

“My nails, Oh God my nails! My hair! My highlights!” she continued to yell. I growled. Yes, I growled. Don’t ask why, or how, I don’t know myself. All I know is that my head was out of the window and I could see Xycobra staring at us.

“Xycobra, help!” I pleaded, sugar coating my voice and adding honey for good measure. But Xycobra was smiling. Laughing, actually. For the first time that day.

“Aww, wittle Sky baby needs my help. Should I help the baby?” he asked, pouting his lips again. I began growling fiercely again, using my hands to lash out at the air behind me, searching for Xycobra’s face. But he contined laughing.


10 minutes later

Uncle Sipho is a lifesaver. I got off the taxi at my house and turned around to find Iola in tears.

“You’ve ruined my hair and nails! You ALWAYS ruin EVERYTHING!” she sobbed, mascara dripping down her cheeks. She looked like a wet raccoon.

“I’ll pay for-” I began.

“NO! You will do NOTHING! You will LEAVE my school and never return, ok? You ruin EVERYTHING, I HATE YOU! You even ruined my plan with Krayden’s drink…” she stopped as soon as she’d realised what she had said and covered her mouth with her still perfectly manicured hand. My mouth dropped open. To the floor. Maybe even lower.

Wait, what? WHAT!!!

Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 22 July 2014

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Here’s a link to Part 1 if you’re slightly lost: Part 1

A reminder that this story along with all its characters are fictional and are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.
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