Meeting Pamper and Volta, the Indian twins (Part 3)

“Hello Schitin!” I heard a friendly voice calling me as I was about to head home in Uncle Sipho’s taxi. The friendly voice belonged to a friendly-looking but beautiful girl with chocolate brown sleek hair. She was an Indian girl, just like me, and she had light brown eyes. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey,” I greeted her back. She pulled me away from Uncle Sipho’s taxi, to his annoyance. He hooted like an owl whose vocal cords had combusted into rage. I shot him an apologetic smile and turned to face her.

“My mom’s here to pick me up and uh, she invited you to lunch with my brother and I. I know you like Indian food,” she winked at me. Wow, she didn’t even know me and she was inviting me for lunch?! This should be fun. I called my mum to let her know where I was going, then shot Uncle Sipho another apologetic smile. He scowled and drove off in frustration.

This girl’s name was Pamper and her twin brother was Volta. They had a cosy home and her mother was very welcoming. I stopped as soon as I walked into the dining room; the table was set so full, the food seemed to be oozing off every corner. There was chicken curry, butter chicken, roti(a flat round traditional Indian bread), naan, dessert, cakes and so much of sugar that I felt like I could get a heart attack just looking at it. The best part was the savouries…SAMOOSAS!!!!!!

My mouth was watering so much, it felt like the Niagara Falls overflowing in there. Oh, and there was masala (Indian spices) EVERYWHERE. In the curry, in the samosa chutney, in the tea, probably even in the dessert. I smiled.

“Well, eat up!” Pamper’s mother ordered, lunging me forward. The lunch was perfectly normal. And by normal I mean extremely loud chatter, screaming, laughing, and the occasional choking. Pamper’s mother’s laugh was the best out of all. Each time she laughed, she made a gurgling noise and wiggled her arms around, slapping them any place she could find; the table, the chair, most of the time it was Volta’s face. When her father laughed, it came out like a roar more than a laugh, so loud and scary that it stilled everyone into dead silence and we had to wait for another joke to start laughing again. We were sitting right next to each other, but somehow everyone felt the need to scream on top of their voices, so much so that I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. After dessert, to my surprise, Pamper’s parents burst into classical Indian love songs, while holding hands. It embarrassed  Pamper and Volta so much that I could feel the heat radiating off their cheeks (It was enough to melt the dessert…and I think it actually was)

After that meal, I had laughed more than I had in my entire life and I had a stitch in my stomach that I was sure would never disappear. My eyes were watering and I was out of breath. Lord, am I unfit. Then again I don’t think the most greatest of athletes could be prepared for Pamper and Volta’s parents.

I stayed till late afternoon, getting to know this amazing family. I sat with them in the lounge, listening to their fascinating stories. Pamper’s father had no problem displaying how back in the day, he had “The moves like Jagger” and again, making Pamper and Volta squirm and cover their faces with the pillows.

“Dad, no, just why?!”

“OMG, Dad, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal!”

“Dad, come one, you’re freaking Schitin out!”


30 minutes later


After that episode, Pamper took me aside and exhaled deeply.

“Hey, I’m really sorry for my parents…They can get a little crazy.” she blushed. I giggled.

“That’s cool, I think your parents are awesome,” I said truthfully. She smiled. Just then, Volta walked in, folded his arms and leaned against the door of Pamper’s room.

“Hey Sky, I saw what happened with you and Iola the other day. We called you over to let you know that…No matter what happens, we’ll be there to stick up for you,” he said with a sheepish smile. That really warmed my heart. These guys already felt like family.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

15 minutes later

Pamper’s parents offered to drop me off at home, but since my house was just a street away from where I was, I decided to take a walk, which is kind of suicidal in South Africa. As I was walking, I smiled, thinking about the day’s events when I suddenly noticed a bloody figure lying flat on the floor, writhing in pain. I gasped. I ran closer and stopped dead when I saw who the figure was.

It was Xycobra.
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Meeting Xycobra (Part 2)

My classmates were pretty funky and I was put into the so-called “Nerd Class”. Don’t ask me what that means, I don’t know how the social cliques work yet. So let me give you a brief outline on how our timetable is set out. We have nine periods each day, one classroom that we have to stay in all day long because our teachers come to us, not the other way around. FUN, because this obviously means that there’s a better chance of us skipping class (Uh, NOT!)

Let me introduce you to one of my most dramatic teachers, Mr Wylyden. If he had a chance, he could honestly make it on Broadway. So our entire class forgot to do our Science homework. Our bad. But no, it honestly wasn’t our fault. He burst into class last period yesterday yelling “Do exercise 5.1 on page 99, along with 5.2; 5.3; 5.4…until the end of the section!” without even apologising to our teacher who stood staring at him, waiting for him to excuse himself (He didn’t) So I think it’s pretty predictable what happened next. We got detention? NO. That is most definitely not how it works in our school, not in Eiobra High. We are fortunate enough to have teachers who spend their spare time plotting excruciating ways to torture us, in Mr Wylyden’s case, a drama scene.

“HOW COULD YOU NOT DO THE HOMEWORK?!?! I’M SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU ALL, BACK IN MY DAY WE WOULD BEG OUR TEACHER’S FOR HOMEWORK!” (But back in the day technology was at a depressing stage and nobody had anything better to do). He hopped around the class dramatically, tugging at his hair in despair. He picked up the chalkboard duster and wagged it in front of our faces, threatening to…Well I don’t know. Chalk us. Then he dropped the duster in a dramatic I-give-up-hope-on-this-generation gesture and stormed out of our class, cursing and using words I didn’t even know existed. 

10 minutes later 

He walked back into the class to bang the duster frantically on the chalkboard, warn us that the principal would be paying us a visit, then stormed back out. My unruly class was rolling around on the floor bursting with laughter.

6 hours later

I made the soccer team! (Do the jiggle with me! No seriously. Our coach literally made us do a victory jiggle.) It wasn’t that big of an achievement though, considering the fact that Mrs Lyteria accepted anyone who could kick a ball (Which was only four of the girls who tried out. The rest of the girls screeched every time the ball even came close to them) And that’s when I met the two people who would be haunting me for the rest of my school life. Iola Janber and Xycobra Hill.

“Say hello to your team captain, Iola. This is Xycobra, he’ll be training you today. Have fun!” As soon as Xycobra set foot on the netball field, it was as if the world came to a sudden still, because every girl on my team was suddenly either giggling, fixing/twirling their hair, pouting or just being plain dazed (In my opinion, idiotic and a disgrace to my species). All except for me. I was rolling my eyes so hard I was sure they’d fall out.

Xycobra strolled on to the netball field in full school uniform (Red blazer, grey pants, white shirt and black tie) except for his All Star sneakers. I snorted. Who excused him from school shoes? He had milk-white skin, jet-black hair, along with emerald-green eyes and a piercing on his right eyebrow, bling enough to bring out the vertical scar across his brow. He winked at me and my gag reflexes were immediately triggered.

“Morning ladies,” he drawled in his full-on Afrikaans accent (Obviously making my team blush and giggle). “Show me what you got,” he flashed a bright smile revealing his perfect teeth and blush-pink lips. (More giggles and swoons. Where was everyone’s dignity?)

“Ow ow ow, isn’t this the newbie Schitin. Well hello there, love. You do realise this is the soccer team, not math-geek club?” he smiled. I shot him a dirty look.

“You do realise we’re supposed to be training, not auditioning for male model of the year, huh stupid?” I shot back.

“Oooh wow ey Ms Newbie is feisty, I like it.” he shot me an amused smile. That was IT! I ran across the field and took him down, ignoring the screams and squeals from my team. I hadn’t realised how easy it was to end up in the principal’s office on my second day of school.


1 hour later

“Yo Schitin!” I got a hard blow on my back from an unknown object. It was someone’s Physics book. I picked up the book and checked the label, which read ‘Property of Iola Janber’. I froze. She grabbed me by my shirt and threw me up against the wall.

“Listen to me, and listen to me nicely, you little piece of Indian crap. This school: My domain. You stay away from everything that belongs to me, including the soccer team AND Xycobra. Ignore me and I’ll have your intestines pulled out through your damn alimentary canal and out your nose.” (Talk about a detailed explanation) She then let go of my shirt and I fell to the floor, a perfect view to watch her glide across the school hallway like she owned it.

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Nominated For The Liebster Award!

Well this is awesome! Thank you to the lovely Aakansha @ for nominating me, I am so highly excited!

Considering the fact that I just started my blog yesterday, I am super excited and honoured, it feels like a Grammy to me.Image

The Rules Go Something Like This:


1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

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11 Random Facts about myself…

1. I love the colour orange

2. Writing is not my only passion, I also love the world of medicine and surgery and I would love to study it after school 🙂

3. I used to do karate and attended the World Championships in Venice, Italy, in 2008

4. I love love love love loveee Sam Tsui (He’s the most amazing singer and songwriter in my opinion)

5. I love watching The Tomorrow People (Who doesn’t?!)

6. I like art

7. I like making people happy

8. I think that hairy and fluffy-looking spiders are adorable

9. I have so many pets that I could probably open my own zoo (Did I mention I love animals?)

10. Clowns creep me out…

11. I am pretty crazy 😀

Time For A little Q & A…

1) What is the purpose of your blog? Or is there any?

I wrote my blog in the hope that it will help kids all over the world to deal with everyday school issues and drama, especially bullying, in the hope that it would help them focus on what is really important at school and give them hope to a better and brighter future, also to hopefully teach them that no matter where they are, if they make the best of what they have, anything is possible.

2) Your wildest fantasy?

I become a superhero at night and save the world from evil!!!!

3) If you had one superpower, what would it be?

To be invisible…I think that would be the coolest thing ever. I would so love to randomly blast people with snowballs…

4) Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Yes. I passed my Physics paper last term.

5) What is the one thing you desperately want?

Uhm…okay I know it’s cliché but I already have so many things that I’m grateful for, I don’t think there’s anything more I could possibly ask for.

6) List 3 people you’d die for

My mom

My dad

Sam Tsui!!!

7) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A published author, hopefully studying Medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand.

8) Your most embarrassing moment?

I was miming one of my teacher’s habits out to my friends and uh… He was watching me the entire time.

9) Your most memorable trip?

My trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It had the most beautiful landscape and scenery, entertainment, delicious food and so much more.

10) If you got the chance to personally meet me, would you want to?

Of course!!! I thought you would already know that 😀

11) What is the source of your inspiration to write?

That would be my mum. She is the woman responsible for my love of books, writing and everything that I do. She encourages me in every way to follow my dreams and she is the reason I do what I love 🙂

That’s the end of that 🙂 Drum roll please…And the nominees are:

My questions for you:

1. What is the purpose of your blog?
2. Who is your role model and why?
3. What is your greatest passion in life?
4. List three types of food you enjoy
5. If you had a time machine with one return trip ticket, where would you go. at what time and why?
6. What is your biggest dream?
7. If you had one chance to say something that could change the world, what would it be?
8. What do you think is the greatest gift in life?
9. What do you usually daydream about?
10. Which country would you love to take a trip to?
11. If you were stranded on an island, name one person you would wish was with you.


The new girl (Part 1)

“Your lunch! Don’t forget your lunch!” I heard my mum yelling as I jumped into Uncle Sipho’s taxi. No, not the type of cabs you see on TV. Not the fancy yellow one’s with fancy drivers. It’s South Africa. I’m talking about a minibus taxi. Yup, those crazy one’s that are most of the time packed with a gang load of people…I love it anyway. (Embracing the Ubuntu spirit)

I’m off to a semi-private school in Johannesburg and I’m dreading the “New Girl” scene. My name is Schitin (Pronounced Sky tin), by the way. Schitin Malang.

OMG I’m late. I hate being late, especially when you’re the new girl. It stinks!

We reached the school about ten minutes after the bell had rung. Great. Let me describe this beautiful scenery to you. It’s not perfect and I’m glad it’s not. Completely face-brick, with a few of the bricks falling out at some places, the two-floored building still stood strong. It’s South Africa. Naturally, the security has to be tight, so there’s more walls, barbed wire, electric fencing and gates than…than the actual school.

“Awehhhh my bruuuuu!” A crazy kid was screaming as he rushed off to greet his…uh…”Bru”.  Just then, a striking purple-haired girl nudged me. “Howzit, newbie. Better get to class,” she smirked. “Call me Lectra. Welcome to Eiobra High, your biggest nightmare. Enjoy” she winked an eye at me before taking a cool walk through the gates. (And then past the security guard, cameras, barbed wire etc.)

We don’t have a proper playground. Our playground consists of a grassy field (I would call it a veld. Oh come on, there’s grass growing over the supposed-to-be volleyball court) and something that looked like a netball court. A flyer blew into my face and it was like, I don’t know, destiny calling me. (Pretend that happened in slow motion and there’s angels singing in the background.) SOCCER TRY-OUTS!!! Lekker. The only problem was…there was no soccer field. Or was there something I was missing?!

6 hours later.

Nope nothing missing. The soccer try-outs were happening on the NETBALL FIELD. MY GOODNESS HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE POSSIBLE. The very same netball field that was built on a raised platform bordered by columns of bricks (obviously no longer intact. These kids of today…) I giggled. The coach was my drop-dead-gorgeous class teacher. She was wearing a full-length dress and stilettos. STILETTOS. Shoot…me…now. Ain’t nobody tell her this was a sports field…

A great day lay ahead.

Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 11 May 2014