South African Logic (Part 8)

It was two weeks after my encounter (Well…you could call it that. You could also call it a wrestling match but that’s a bit rash…right?) with Iola and my conscience was bothering me. I sighed and figured that it was probably about time to get an adult involved. 

I was late to school the following Monday. Nothing unusual. Uncle Sipho just decided to stop on the side of the road for about ten minutes and scream at the other drivers about how irresponsible they were for not bothering to replace their broken headlights…and taillights…and side view mirrors…and. Never mind, you get the point.

I passed Xycobra on my way to class, just in time to witness him drop his school books and a heap of papers filled the air. I giggled and rushed to help him. He smirked as soon as he saw me. Idiot.

I then caught hold of his school report and gasped. Straight A’s!!! STRAIGHT A’S! XYCOBRA! He then grabbed it from me, embarrassed, and rushed off to class.

Two hours later

Yesss finally break time. I get to sink my teeth into FOOOOOOD!!! Okay I know I sound greedy but C’mon. Who doesn’t like food?!

Iola walked past me just as I was biting into my polony sandwich. She shot me a wicked smile and said, “Well, you know the saying. You are what you eat.” and cat-walked away. Great. I’m a carbohydrate.Time to get that adult-involving plan on the move I guess. You can’t get away with everything.

I got up from my seat and was about to take another bite when about fifty stones came flying into our playground. Everyone began screaming and running into the school building. I took my sandwich with me. 

It was people from the nearby informal settlement who were protesting against not having electricity. So they burned our local power box. So…they want the electricity. They need the electricity. So they burn the source of the electricity. Brilliant!

A few months ago they protested against the train tickets being too high. So they burned the trains. Wonderful!

Yesterday, 6 cows were reported stolen. I thought someone would have seen that happening…(How do you not see someone running away with that?!)

Oh and let’s not forget. Cameras were installed to watch the nearby robot. And then the solar panels watching the robot were stolen. Now they need to install cameras to watch the camera watching the robot. Super!

I rushed into the school building just as a nearby window shattered. What good was destroying our property going to do anyway? I don’t get it.

Suddenly I felt a body fly over me to protect me just as the window above me came crashing down. It was Xycobra. My eyes grew to the size of an orange. Maybe bigger.

“You okay?” he asked, pulling a tiny shard of glass from my hair.

“Yeah, sure…” I said hesitantly, and before I could speak any further he rushed off to help the teachers. Whoa…

There was no time to think. I had to get to the principal’s office. He was in a frantic mood, running around wildly, tugging  at his hair and screaming for help. He reminded me a bit of a furious grizzly bear. Our school secretary was trying to calm him down, shoving a glass of water in his face but all he did was give her a deranged look and scream louder. I sighed. No rational conversation today then. I guess it’s time to panic…


Two hours later

Police vehicles had our school surrounded. Great, now I even have to go home late.

Iola was crying and telling a local news reporter about how devastated she was that her brand new Jimmy Choo’s were ruined. (Why does nobody stick to school rules? We have a uniform!) I was walking around trying to make people panic further. (What! Someone had to lighten the mood!) Xycobra was walking around winking and smiling at every passing girl. Volta was attempting the Moonwalk near the staircase. Very bad idea. Krayden was being chased by a policeman while making wolf sounds from a bullhorn that he had stolen from him. Atria and Gravity were pouting and taking selfies. Lectra and Pamper were mimicking them.

But on a more serious note, it was quite scary. What was even scarier was that a police officer was making his way over to Iola. I heard the faint “laced drink” “Krayden” and “Criminal charges”. And then I heard my name, too. She was blaming everything on me! The nerve! 

I felt my heart racing as the police officer made his way toward me with a stern expression on his face. Oh no…

Copyright All Rights Reserved Aakifah Mahomed 17 August 2014

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Here’s a link to part one if you’re slightly lost: Part 1

reminder that this story along with all its characters are fictional and are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.
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7 thoughts on “South African Logic (Part 8)

  1. 4thandcoffee says:

    Personal blogs are my favorite. Getting to know people through their thoughts and the things they write is always amazing. Keep it up. We’ll come back! 🙂


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