It’s a little bit funny…(Part 11)

I awoke to the sound of a repetitive beeping noise echoing in my ear and it slowly dawned on me that I was in a hospital ward. I sighed heavily and immediately regretted doing so because I felt a sudden pain spreading through my chest. I sat up slowly, trying to assess the damage. Sore chest, broken arm and a few bruises. Hey, it could have been a lot worse. Phoenexia could have – Oh no! What did happen to Phoenexia?

I pressed the button on the little remote-thingy next to my bed to call a nurse. A few seconds later, a chubby and cheerful lady buzzed into the room, floating on air.

“Well hello there Miss Schitin. How are we doing right now?” she asked, a bright smile plastered across her face. I giggled. What? She was cute okay.

“I’m, uh, fine, I think,” I said. She responded with a cute giggle. “Where’s Phoenexia?” I asked, fear running through my veins.

“Oh, she’ll be fine honey don’t you worry. She’s in the ICU for now, but I can assure you she’ll be fine by tomorrow” she smiled. The fact that she was in the ICU did not sound good at all but somehow this bubbly nurse made everything seem okay.

Two days in the hospital passed rather quickly, visitors coming in and out, my parents, Lectra, Volta, Pamper, a few of my teachers, and oh my word even Atria and Gravity (The world must be ending). Everyone except the one person I wanted to see the most; Xycobra.

I was back to school two days after I was discharged (No I’m not a super nerd. Okay I am. Hey who are you to judge?!) and as usual the school was buzzing about me. Nothing unusual of course. I am a highly fascinating topic if you didn’t already know.

I walked into school to a rupture of cheers. Phoenexia was back, too. Luckily, her injuries weren’t too bad; she fractured her leg and was of course in crutches. Volta was instantly at my side to help me with my bag (My, oh my, I could get used to this!) and all attention was on us. Oh yeah, I’m a superstar. I just need dark sunglasses and a strong wind to blow my hair back in slow mo.

But of course instead of wind I got a storm…The day I decided to not wear my school jacket. And then something strange happened, Volta wrapped his jacket around me break time in the courtyard. What, did he think this was this like an Indian romance movie or something? If so, there’s no trees and buildings to hide behind so he is way off. And then it got awkward and I realised people were starting to stare so I ran off into my classroom.

And found Xycobra sitting alone. With a guitar. Seriously, was someone filming this? Am I being punked? Why does he have a guitar? I’m pretty sure that this isn’t allowed in school…Hello?!!!!!! Anyone notice anything abnormal today!

“Hey Sky,” he mumbled softly, a tear dripping down his cheek. Ohhhh nooooo whyyyy I am not good in these situations. Seriously can I just walk out right now?

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyy” I said extremely awkwardly. This made him laugh. “What’s up?” I asked, trying to sound less awkward. So, was I supposed to put my arm around his shoulder or something? Is that what people do? I usually avoid these type of movies. “You wanna hear me play something?” he asked, his face brightening. I burst out laughing. “What, is this High School Musical or something?” I chuckled. He smirked. “Well, I’d make a hot Troy, don’t you think?” he winked at me. Ah, this is the Xycobra I know.

“I was thinking more along the lines of Gabriella, but Troy should be okay,” I said sarcastically. He shook his head and laughed and then began strumming a soft tune on his guitar.

“It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside, I’m not one of those who can, easily hide…” he began singing. Do you know what it’s like to get a heart attack? Neither do I. But I’m pretty sure my heart is being attacked. Singing like an angel is just another thing to add to the list of things Xycobra can do.

“Aw baby that’s so beautiful!” I heard Phoenexia’s voice behind me. I turned to see her face fresh with tears. Really? Just when I thought life couldn’t get more awkward? She hopped across the classroom to Xycobra and he got up to help her. “Hey hey heyyy you know you supposed to be resting, crazy monkey!” he said, and I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from guffawing. That was the cutest weirdest thing ever.

“I heard about your mom, Xy I’m sooo sorry. I can’t believe she’s had cancer for over a month and you didn’t tell me?!” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

My heart lurched. I suddenly understood what Xycobra meant when he said that behind every perfection, is a flaw. I left the class silently and made my way to the principal’s office. Talk about bad timing.

The police officer that had promised to be back about Krayden’s drink was waiting for me. I had completely forgotten about that. What now?

Copyright All Rights Reserved Aakifah Mahomed 30 October 2014

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the…entire school? (Part 10)

Wow, the nicknames just keep coming. I am now known as “punch girl” and everyone in my class has dared me to make milkshake for them. Yes, everyone. Yes, I was liquidising strange combinations on a Sunday night. Yes, I am weird. And yes, it’s all Xycobra’s fault. He was the one who brought up the milkshake, trying to lighten the mood when I ended up looking like an idiot at his party.
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A Damper to my spirit (Part 6)


Those were some of my thoughts as I finished writing my Physics paper last week. Why would you take a scale in an elevator anyway…Just, WHY?!

I walked down the school staircase in a fit of annoyance when I bumped into my Physics teacher.

“How was the paper?” he smiled.

“Oh, great! Just GREAT!” I lied, through my teeth and the spinach I was sure was still embedded between them from lunch.

Just then, Xycobra appeared at my side. Great, the last person I wanted to see.

“Hello, Nerd. I’m guessing you aced that paper, huh?” he smirked. I rolled my eyes. (I know. I’m becoming very predictable. In my defence…actually, I have no defence. Forget that)

“Sure,” I said, pretending to be bored. Although I could not help but admire his new sneakers and, was that a new hairstyle I saw? He walked with me through the school gates, past the group of swooning girls blushing and giggling at his presence. He waved at them and shot them a full on aren’t-I-the-hottest-guy-alive smile. I cannot believe it. I managed to not roll my eyes. Right now, there is an imaginary audience applauding my efforts. Uh, thank you, thank you very much!

I stopped just before hopping onto Uncle Sipho’s taxi. I was waiting for the usual drama that happens just at that time, and I was not disappointed. Iola appeared with two of her newest cronies; Atria and Gravity. I frowned.

“Hi!” I waved to her. She shot me a wicked smile then walked towards me. I was so sure I heard a dreadful organ tune playing in the background, along with a silhouette of lightning behind her. I pictured a cape billowing behind her in the howling wind, walking in slow motion. Xycobra slapped my arm and I was brought back to reality.

“Hi Xycobra,” she gushed, flipping her hair. It backfired. The lock that she was trying desperately to flip around got stuck to her lip-gloss. Embarrassing. She quickly got herself together and threw me a dirty look. “What are you doing with him?” she spat.

“Since when do you own him?” I asked.

“What, is he like your boyfriend now?” she asked, jealousy etched on every feature of her face.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I said defensively.

“I thought so. He would never fall for something as trashy as you, anyway. Am I right, Xy?” she smiled at him, batting her eyelashes. I sighed. My temper was rising and sooner or later I was sure to be pouncing on her.

“Enough, Iola. Leave Sky alone,” Xycobra muttered. Iola was taken aback. She flicked her hair back in disgust and walked away, her two cronies following suit. My heart was suddenly warming up to Xycobra. Why was he always defending me? It felt good, though, to have someone by your side and help you stand up for yourself. I felt bad for once beating him up.

“Thanks,” I said, REALLY really softly. Xycobra smirked.

“What was that,”? he asked, putting his hand to his ear.

“I said thanks,” I mumbled softly.

“What?” he repeated, pretending to be dumb.

“I SAID THANK YOU! WHAT ARE YOU, DEAF?!” I yelled. He smirked again, and it was annoying me so much I was battling with my arm, which had a sudden urge to slap that grin right off that flawless face.

“Oooh,” he purred, leaning against the taxi. “Someone’s getting a little feisty, I like it,” he smiled.

“Is it, perhaps, that someone has a weetle crush on me?” he said, curving his lips into a pout and batting his eyelashes in a mocking fashion. I grimaced.

“Stop, please, you’re triggering my gag reflexes,” I said, hopping on to the taxi. (At last. Uncle Sipho didn’t even seem annoyed. He was enjoying the show, the weirdo.)

Xycobra was giggling himself sick.

“Awwww really? You sure?” he asked, trying to shoot me a wink but failing because he fell to the floor in a fit of hysteria. Uncle Sipho was stifling a fit of laughter himself and it was bringing out my hot temper. He noticed and immediately fired up the engine.

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” I screamed out of the window, trying to grab at Xycobra’s shirt and rip his organs out. (Uncle Sipho locked the door for fear of me running to beat Xycobra up. Again.) But he continued to laugh, even more so at how angry I was becoming.

The taxi took off. Uncle Sipho was suddenly alarmed and afraid of being alone with me in that temper.

“I HATE YOU! I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU UP SO BAD ON MONDAY! YOU HEAR ME? MONDAY!” I shouted out of the window, making Uncle Sipho accelerate even faster.

Why was I getting so annoyed by him, though?


Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 29 June 2014

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Xycobra Returns (Part 5)

I sighed. What was I going to do about Iola?

I reached school late. WHY?! I have said it before and I shall mention it again. I HATE BEING LATE. My freaky classmates (I don’t know why I keep dissing my class. I have only just recently realised that I am one of them…Don’t make me say it…Okay fine. Nerds) always stare at any latecomers and it’s creepy. I would not be late though, if it wasn’t for Uncle Sipho. As usual he has to scream at any other taxi driver on the road who have overloaded their vehicles, (To the point where people’s faces are smashed flat against the windows, mouths lopsided and everything) even though he’s clearly guilty of the act himself.

However, this morning everyone including the teachers seemed to be standing outside the school gates as if waiting for a member of The Royal Family to arrive. A pathway of students was formed and a red carpet would have been just perfect. I should have known. Xycobra was back. I rolled my eyes.

He arrived on the back of his jet-black motorcycle, riding through the row of students eagerly awaiting his presence. He carefully removed his helmet, then shook his dark hair in slow motion, taking advantage of the light breeze that day. He then smiled his perfect bright smile and in his deep voice uttered the words responsible for making every daft girl in my school swoon and blush.

“Hi beautiful people. I’m baaack,” he drawled. I was doing it again. The excessive eyeball-rolling. Was he serious? HOW WAS EVERYONE FINDING THIS AMUSING?! Okay. It was pretty amusing actually. I was stifling a loud outburst of laughter.

He then caught sight of me standing behind his motorcycle, away from all the other students, casually waiting for him to move.

“Uh, your Royal Highness, I humbly request your permission to move,” I said sarcastically.

He smiled his annoying perfect smile again. I rolled my eyes. (I really need to stop. People are going to think that’s like my trademark or something)

“Hey Sky,” he said softly. “Everyone, let’s hear it for my hero! That’s right, Sky is my HERO!” he shouted, making way for me. The air was immediately filled with cheering and clapping from every student present. Oh, the influence this boy had over everyone.

“Oh, save it for Oprah will you?” I said, pushing him out of the way. Iola immediately appeared at my side, her fists clenched.

“Oh, you just love the attention, don’t you, you damn B***H! Let’s see if you still love it once my fist is in your face!” she screamed, but her punch was stopped in mid-air by Xycobra.

“Whoa, whoa easy there, Iola. What the heck are you doing?” he said. Teachers were already pulling her away and scolding her angrily.

“I don’t need your help!” I lashed out at Xycobra. I stormed off angrily for no apparent reason, then dropped my school bag halfway, ruining the effect. How embarrassing.

3 hours later

“Sky, you’re a real gossip magnet, aren’t you?” Lectra and Pamper were giggling. I smiled. I couldn’t help being happy around them.

“You’re such a bad ass, getting on Iola’s bad si-” her words trailed off as the electricity in the building suddenly shut off.

“Darn Eskom!” was everyone’s immediate response. This is the part where I truly welcome you to South Africa, where power outages are as frequent as new fashion trends. All the time and everywhere. However, it was not Eskom’s fault this time.

“Somebody stole a pylon!”. That was the news going around.

“What!” Volta burst out laughing. “That’s insane, never mind impossible. I think SOMEONE would have noticed that!”

I burst out laughing too. That was a bit far fetched. But, in my beautiful country, I would not erase that theory, nor put it past anyone. The real story though, was that someone stole the bolts and nuts from the base of the pylon (Out of all places!) causing it to collapse from slight winds. THREE PYLONS DOWN. NO ELECTRICITY FOR THREE DAYS STRAIGHT TO MY SUBURB.

Hash tag, Survivor South Africa.

You can take away my lights. You can take away my heater. BUT HANDS OFF MY WIFI!!!

3 Hours later

I was eager to get home that day. I heard someone yelling my name just before I jumped into Uncle Sipho’s taxi. (‘Do they time this to purposely annoy Uncle Sipho?’ I wondered.)

It was Krayden.

“I’m so sorry for the other day man,” he said. “Yeah it was alcohol but that normally doesn’t happen. I really think someone laced it before I could notice,” he explained, looking down in shame. “Anyway, thanks for helping me home and telling my mom. She was worried sick,” he finished, tapping me lightly on the shoulder and then skipping off towards his transport.

Panic surged through my body like the surge that would take place when the electricity was restored to my community.

Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 9 June 2014

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A reminder that this story along with all its characters are fictional and are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.
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