The Drama Begins (Part 13)

I ran down the hall at lightning speed. What the heck was her problem? HE hugged me! I pushed him away! That totally was not my fault…right?

I sat down in class that day completely isolated, ignoring Pamper and Lectra who continuously asked me if anything was wrong. The fear running through me was unreal, it felt as if my body was absorbing shockwaves every 0.1 seconds. No, I’m not exaggerating. The entire school had heard about what happened, and that Iola was being interrogated by a police officer. Everyone also knew that I had played some part in all this, because they’d seen me come out of the principal’s office. Dang it!

A few hours later

The day literally dragged. Seriously. No seriously. It dragged! I stared at our classroom clock until my eyes started to burn, prompting my teacher to ask me if I needed to see the nurse.

Uh, what nurse? We don’t have a freaking nurse! Our school is too poor to afford a freaking nurse!

I ran for my life after school, bursting through the school gates and almost falling over myself. Right into Xycobra’s arms. Again. AGAIN! He’s seriously everywhere. Only this time he wasn’t smiling, and before I knew it he had me pushed up against the wall in a corner, out of sight from the school parking lot, his hand over my mouth. He wore the most serious expression I’d ever seen him with and so I knew something was up. He was staring intensely at two figures in the distance, having a heated conversation. The figures advanced towards our direction, until they were suddenly right behind the wall where we were hiding. Xycobra tightened his grip around my mouth. How the heck did he expect me to breathe?!

“What the hell is wrong with you? Do you seriously not know how to keep your damn mouth shut?” I heard one voice screech. It was a girl’s. Then I heard a loud slap. Ouch.

“She found out by accident! It wasn’t my fault!” I heard a second voice wail. Yet another girl. Yet another slap. OUCH.

“BY ACCIDENT! WHAT ACCIDENT!” the first voice yelled, her voice dripping with extreme rage. “I had to come all the way to this stupid school just to fix your mess, and now you’ve gone and blurted everything to the cops?!”…..and yet another slap. The second girl began crying.

“I-I didn’t s-say anything, I s-swear!” The second girl pleaded. I heard the sound of a struggle, a body being flung hard into a wall, and then footsteps walking away. Xycobra checked to see if the coast was clear and then he let me go. My mouth was completely numb.

“Bot the bell? You just made by bouth completely numb!” I mumbled, trying to get blood flowing to my mouth again. We walked around the wall only to find a girl crouching down against the wall, sobbing profusely. My eyes widened in horror as I suddenly recognised the girl. It was Iola. I noticed a thin streak of blood dripping from her forehead as she looked up at us, her eyes filled with fear. I sat down next to her, wiping the blood away for her with a soft tissue. I have no idea why I was feeling sorry for her, but I couldn’t just leave her there. She carried on sobbing and I put my arm around her, trying my best to comfort her. Yes. It was totally awkward. Don’t judge me.

“Who uh, who did this to you?” I asked after a while, trying to get rid of the awkward silence. But what she said terrified me. And what terrified me even more was that Xycobra didn’t even seem taken aback by the news. He just sat there, with a knowing gaze, while I was petrified, and tears were suddenly pouring out of my eyes in absolute fear.

“I’m sure you were standing nearby to have come this quick to me, so, didn’t you recognise her voice?” she sobbed out. “It was Phoenexia, Sky. It was Phoenexia!”

It was Phoenexia.

Copyright All Rights Reserved Aakifah Mahomed 24 November 2015


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This story along with all its characters are fictional and a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.

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