A Damper to my spirit (Part 6)


Those were some of my thoughts as I finished writing my Physics paper last week. Why would you take a scale in an elevator anyway…Just, WHY?!

I walked down the school staircase in a fit of annoyance when I bumped into my Physics teacher.

“How was the paper?” he smiled.

“Oh, great! Just GREAT!” I lied, through my teeth and the spinach I was sure was still embedded between them from lunch.

Just then, Xycobra appeared at my side. Great, the last person I wanted to see.

“Hello, Nerd. I’m guessing you aced that paper, huh?” he smirked. I rolled my eyes. (I know. I’m becoming very predictable. In my defence…actually, I have no defence. Forget that)

“Sure,” I said, pretending to be bored. Although I could not help but admire his new sneakers and, was that a new hairstyle I saw? He walked with me through the school gates, past the group of swooning girls blushing and giggling at his presence. He waved at them and shot them a full on aren’t-I-the-hottest-guy-alive smile. I cannot believe it. I managed to not roll my eyes. Right now, there is an imaginary audience applauding my efforts. Uh, thank you, thank you very much!

I stopped just before hopping onto Uncle Sipho’s taxi. I was waiting for the usual drama that happens just at that time, and I was not disappointed. Iola appeared with two of her newest cronies; Atria and Gravity. I frowned.

“Hi!” I waved to her. She shot me a wicked smile then walked towards me. I was so sure I heard a dreadful organ tune playing in the background, along with a silhouette of lightning behind her. I pictured a cape billowing behind her in the howling wind, walking in slow motion. Xycobra slapped my arm and I was brought back to reality.

“Hi Xycobra,” she gushed, flipping her hair. It backfired. The lock that she was trying desperately to flip around got stuck to her lip-gloss. Embarrassing. She quickly got herself together and threw me a dirty look. “What are you doing with him?” she spat.

“Since when do you own him?” I asked.

“What, is he like your boyfriend now?” she asked, jealousy etched on every feature of her face.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I said defensively.

“I thought so. He would never fall for something as trashy as you, anyway. Am I right, Xy?” she smiled at him, batting her eyelashes. I sighed. My temper was rising and sooner or later I was sure to be pouncing on her.

“Enough, Iola. Leave Sky alone,” Xycobra muttered. Iola was taken aback. She flicked her hair back in disgust and walked away, her two cronies following suit. My heart was suddenly warming up to Xycobra. Why was he always defending me? It felt good, though, to have someone by your side and help you stand up for yourself. I felt bad for once beating him up.

“Thanks,” I said, REALLY really softly. Xycobra smirked.

“What was that,”? he asked, putting his hand to his ear.

“I said thanks,” I mumbled softly.

“What?” he repeated, pretending to be dumb.

“I SAID THANK YOU! WHAT ARE YOU, DEAF?!” I yelled. He smirked again, and it was annoying me so much I was battling with my arm, which had a sudden urge to slap that grin right off that flawless face.

“Oooh,” he purred, leaning against the taxi. “Someone’s getting a little feisty, I like it,” he smiled.

“Is it, perhaps, that someone has a weetle crush on me?” he said, curving his lips into a pout and batting his eyelashes in a mocking fashion. I grimaced.

“Stop, please, you’re triggering my gag reflexes,” I said, hopping on to the taxi. (At last. Uncle Sipho didn’t even seem annoyed. He was enjoying the show, the weirdo.)

Xycobra was giggling himself sick.

“Awwww really? You sure?” he asked, trying to shoot me a wink but failing because he fell to the floor in a fit of hysteria. Uncle Sipho was stifling a fit of laughter himself and it was bringing out my hot temper. He noticed and immediately fired up the engine.

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” I screamed out of the window, trying to grab at Xycobra’s shirt and rip his organs out. (Uncle Sipho locked the door for fear of me running to beat Xycobra up. Again.) But he continued to laugh, even more so at how angry I was becoming.

The taxi took off. Uncle Sipho was suddenly alarmed and afraid of being alone with me in that temper.

“I HATE YOU! I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU UP SO BAD ON MONDAY! YOU HEAR ME? MONDAY!” I shouted out of the window, making Uncle Sipho accelerate even faster.

Why was I getting so annoyed by him, though?


Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 29 June 2014

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Here’s a link to Part 1 if you’re slightly lost: https://theblossomingfallam.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/the-new-girl-part-1/

A reminder that this story along with all its characters are fictional and are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real life people is merely coincidental.
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14 thoughts on “A Damper to my spirit (Part 6)

  1. anjanapdeep says:

    wow. i read all 6 parts!
    this is amazing! i literally couldn’t stop reading!
    you should definitely write a book. DEFINITELY! 😀


  2. dloretimnidian says:

    This is a story with wicked sense of humor.
    Delightfully entertaining, with a wryly amusing narration to keep me smirking all the time.
    That beginning portion of physics test was amazing and quite relatable,
    I’m definitely intrigued, will try to anticipate in upcoming posts.
    Recently I’ve written a short story-a dark comedy, so to say, will love some feedback on it, if you can:


  3. Aamirah Lutchka says:

    “Stop, please you’re triggering my gag reflexes” woah, just witnessed the ultimate, sarcastic yet emotional rage of an Indian chick 😉


  4. Zaheerah says:

    This blog is absolutely AMAZING. You put the issues of an average teenager forward soo interesting. Beautiful storyline. Every post is soo gripping. Really enjoyed and would rate it a 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂


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