Tribute to my mother

                     For Mother

Your calloused hands waver in the bitter cold,
Under the blanket of soot coating them
And your ever smiling appearance betray your feelings of heartache of carrying the world upon your shoulders.

Tears well out of my eyes
As I realise words of gratitude have always failed me,
As they fail me now,
For it is a task to choose the perfect lot,
When none exist to do you well.

The cold no longer matters,
When your warmth fills my heart
For you are my sunshine
Radiating hope into my secluded darkness.

Mother, I now know that you know,
If and when a leaf falls,
The tree stands strong,
Even in winter
And then,
When all is thought to be lost,
Blossoms bloom the very next season.

Aakifah Mahomed

Copyright Aakifah Mahomed 21 June 2014
Any use of any part of this material without consent and authorisation is considered plagiarism.


24 thoughts on “Tribute to my mother

  1. I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on my poem, I would however like to point out that although this poem may apply to most mothers, it was written strictly for my own as the story behind it applies greatly only to her. Thanks 🙂

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  2. Mothers..they are made with different material and feelings. They are in fact not even from the planet we are. I don’t really know what almighty God might have thought before crafting the concept of mother, but something pure, selfless and filled with the mirth of love might be his vision. this poem says it all, what it takes to be a mother. Thanks for sharing such wisdom and beauty..made my day with this poem 🙂


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